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Velodyne Acoustics was formed in 1983 by designer David Hall. Velodyne initially produced commercial headphone and lidar products for the boating industry, but found an opportunity in consumer audio through the development of audiophile subwoofers.  For years, Velodyne has been widely known as "The Subwoofer Specialists," as it's literally all they do! 

The Velodyne SPL Series II debuted in 2004 and was widely accepted as one of the best subwoofers available at the time, and with an original retail of $1,499, it was a relative bargain; competing with subwoofers in the several thousand dollar range.  The reason for the acclaim was the ability for this sub to integrate with many different types of systems without sounding "boomy" or "thumpy." Some subwoofers can drone-on while playing music, a compromise that's often made in the design to also allow subwoofers to produce the output needed for home theater.  The SPL series exhibits none of those negative traits, and still can outperform many subwoofers - even today - for home theater use.  With a massive long-throw 12” composite cone woofer and 1000 watts of power on tap, this is a beast .

This unit is in excellent physical condition, has been fully tested, and comes with our 30-day guarantee. 

Demos are encouraged.  You won't be disappointed. 

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