Ventus Audio, VA-83 Power Cord

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Does more AC power mean more music? Without question,...

This is a true high quality power cable for your audio components. The Ventus VA-83 with M.I.C. proprietary design, keeps conductors apart inside the cable minimizing their interaction which results in less inductance and capacitance. The M.I.C Ventus Audio geometry dramatically improves sound dynamics and a sense of airiness.

This power cable is a game changer - capacitance and inductance are avoided by making space between conductors and keeping them apart. Teflon and air are used for the best
possible insulation.

What can you expect?
Sound becomes faster, tighter and with more detail. You will notice pronounced bass and more air in the sound stage.

Type: semi-flexible, as on pictures.
Conductors: multiple runs of purest copper, made in USA
Conductor total cross section: 21 mm2
Type of conductors: stranded (litz).
Connectors: beryllium copper alloy, rhodium plated
Ground: yes
Length: 4' (120 cm)

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