Vienna Acoustics Mozart Tower Speakers

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Vienna Acoustics Mozart: Two-way dynamic loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1.1" silk-dome tweeter, two 5.5" mid/woofers. Measured crossover frequency: 2.8kHz. Crossover slopes: 9-12dB/octave, Bessel. Frequency range: 35Hz-22kHz. Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m.
Nominal impedance: 6 ohms. 
Recommended amplifier power: 30-200W.
Dimensions: 37" H by 6.7" W by 11.6" D. Weight: 44 lbs.
Manufacturer: Vienna Acoustics, Vienna, Austria

" ... if Mozart had heard the loudspeaker from Vienna Acoustics that bears his name, I suspect he would have been pleased. If the term "musical" is appropriate to describe the sound of an audio component—and some feel that it should be applied only to musical creation and performance rather than reproduction—then it's a word I would use to describe the performance of the Vienna Acoustics Mozart. The Mozart's dimensions and appearance allow it to fit unobtrusively into almost any room ... if you were to tell me that you like the sound of big speakers but not their size/price, that you've found small speakers to be deficient in the bass, and that, above all, you want a speaker that sounds musical...well, get thee to a Vienna Acoustics dealer!" - Sterophile, 1997

We have a lot of speakers flow through this shop, A LOT. Sometimes we give a particular pair more of a listen than others as we've either extensive experience with them or we don't have the time. We  plugged these Mozarts in and were immediately struck with how "true and musical" the are. We moved them around to different rooms and paired them with wildly different electronics and they are a joy to listen to. Never fatiguing, incredibly balanced and rhythmic. They give the presence of a much larger speaker. We just love them especially with the vintage Marantz separates we just posted or with the beautiful Sansui, AU-888 and then a different presentation entirely with the Octave, V40 SE. couldn't make them flinch no matter what we threw at them. Solid 9 presentation with the slightest sign a of wear. Some typical sun fading but a fabulous overall patina. No blemishes to speak of. All in a footprint suitable for any discreet living space. Just a perfect speaker.

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Vienna Acoustics, Mozart Smal Towers: $1099 + applicable sales tax