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Vienna Acoustics was originally founded in 1989 as a "jack of all trades" entrant into the hifi market.  From tube amps to music production, and cables to speakers, Vienna Acoustics has done it all.  The company continues to produce equipment and recordings with exacting quality.  Based in Vienna, Austria, and within arm's-length access to some of the most exquisite performance and recording venues in the world, the company has developed a very specific, and very well-loved sound.

"If a small, beautifully designed and finished stand-mounter with real musicality is what you're after, these Viennas are well worth an audition." - What HiFi, 1998

These Vienna Acoustic Haydn Grands have a very soft and delicate delivery, but provide excellent dynamics when called for.  The black piano gloss laminate finish is not perfect, with some moderate scratches and swirls marks on the cabinet tops, but they play marvelously and are an extremely easy load to drive. Replacement foam grilles are available online.

With orchestral music, and at moderate listening levels, these speakers are in their element.

Demos are available at our showroom with Covid precautions in place. 

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(Stands available separately)