Wharfedale Linton 3XP, Smooth Operator

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The origins of Wharfedale speakers reads like a legendary novel from J.R.R. Tolkien: "In the heart of Yorkshire, nestled between the valley of the river Wharfe, there lies a speaker company known the world over..."  Indeed the legendary part of the story rings true for audiophiles across the globe.  Wharfedale has been a recognizable brand name in hifi audio since the first vestiges of the loudspeaker design emerged in the 1930s.  At that time, radio broadcasts were become more accessible to the masses, and the production, transmission, and reproduction of those broadcasts sparked an industry that has sustained for over 100 years. 

Skipping a few decades to the 1975, Wharfedale introduced a variation on their venerable Linton line: a series of compact bookshelf 3-way loudspeakers with an effortlessly smooth response that harkened to the days of those old radio broadcasts.  These Lintons are of a particular variety, the 3XP, 3rd in the series, with e'X'tended 'P'ower handling to keep up with the burgeoning market for high-powered solid state receivers from the US and Japan. 

Our examples look wonderful with only very minor signs of wear especially after nearly 40 years of service.  The drivers are perfect.  Grille cloth shows a few small pulls, but are very presentable. And they sound just as they should: right at home with a classic tube amp but also able to turn-up for solid state power.

Demos are highly encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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