Wilson Audio CUB II - OMG!!

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The Wilson, CUB II precision loudspeaker has been carefully designed to provide superb, uncolored, limited full frequency range response in a single enclosure. Due to successful research on the WATT/PUPPY and X-1 Grand SLAMM systems, the CUB has a sonic character quite similar to its larger predecessors.

Using structural enclosure, speaker driver, and time alignment technologies developed for the WATT/PUPPY and the X-1 Grand SLAMM, the CUB is truly the thoroughbred of its class, and is well suited to carrying on the heritage of Wilson Audio speakers.

The Wilson Cub is a very serious and substantial high efficiency stand mount speaker. Given the high efficiency from 94dB and the high purity and dynamic sound, the Wilson Cub is well suited for low poweramplifiers, such as tubeamplifiers and Class A amplifiers. The Wilson Cub sounds very nice, open, big and dynamic, and has a catchy bass reproduction. This particular set of Wilson CUB II is in exceptional condition. They've had their acoustic lenses replaced as the originals deteriorate with time. They have their grills (look better without) and are complete. Fully tested and perform magnificently. Have had several sets of Wilsons here at the shop, Watt Puppies will be posted soon, and we can emphatically say we are BIG FANS of the Wilson sonic signature. Solid 9 in appearance with only the slightest signs of wear. Really just incredible!
Specifications : 
Brand : Wilson Audio
Model : Cub II
Type : 2 Way D‘ Apolito Standmount Loudspeaker
More Information : Wilson Audio
Manual : Wilson Audio Cub Manual
Reviews : Stereophile  
Technical Condition : 10/10
Visual Condition : 9/10
Original Packaging : No
Inputs : Single Wiring Inputs
Connectors : Wilson Pure Copper for Spades
Weight with Stands :  100 Kg Netto Each
Finish : Black Piano Acryllic

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Wilson Audio CUB-II Standmount Monitors: $$2,750 + sales tax where applicable.
*Sanus Steel Foundation Stands sold separately for $200 more 
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