Wilson Audio WATT/PUPPY Series 7 ... Extraordinary!

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The Wilson Audio Tiny Tott began as a pet project for the company's founder David Wilson, but after demo'ing the speakers for a few audiophile friends, David was convinced to refine the design and launch the speaker to the masses.  Consequently from 1986 onward, the "WATT" as it became known was an immediate industry hit.  The design went through several iterations from 1986 until it was eventually replaced after Series 8, in 2011, by the Sasha.  

Of course, the WATT is a small wonder in itself.  The Series 7 use Focal inverted aluminum dome 1" tweeters with a low resonant frequency and 6.5" rusticated paper pulp mid-woofers from Scanspeak.  Featuring 92dB efficiency, excellent stereo imaging, and nearly full range frequency response from a small stand-mount monitor.  But, improvements were inevitable, and in 1990, Wilson launched the PUPPY, a dual-purpose low-frequency cabinet which also acted as the perfect platform for the WATT monitors to rest on.  After Series 2, the WATT/PUPPY combo became inseparable.  A match made in audio heaven!

The PUPPY consists of dual 8-inch hi-excursion low-frequency drivers to add an inexplicably solid foundation to the WATT's high-end prowess.  The Series 7 PUPPYs utilize Scanspeak drivers, a departure from the Dynaudio units utilized in prior generations.  The bass these units generate is ground-rattling, and we giggle when we see people use these speakers with subwoofers, because it's really not needed. 

If you have never owned Wilsons, then you'll be amazed at the cabinet construction.  Made almost entirely out of 1"-thick, CNC-machined, phenolic resin boards; the cabinets are HEAVY and void of resonance. The original finish on these speakers was a simple/dated gloss white, but when we restored them we decided on something a little more exotic. They have been recoated in a stunning "White Gold" metallic paint, with grey grille fabric to give a beautiful contrast to the paint color. Of course, all of the foam diffraction pads have been replaced with new from Wilson, and all of the accessory "feet" and "Puppy Paws" are included. 

These speakers are stunning in every aspect.  Originally over $22,000/pair, we are offering them at a bargain price considering the work and craftsmanship utilized to get them back to this amazing condition. 

Demos are always encouraged.

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