Yamaha CR-1040 Vintage Receiver, Gorgeous!

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Yamaha coined its "Natural Sound" branding in the 1970s, a monicker that has survived to today.  The reason for this is the smooth, clean, and effortless way Yamaha components deliver music.  Yamaha amps have long had excellent drive, capable of commanding and controlling many types of challenging speakers, but doing so in a way that reduces fatigue and makes for lengthy musical enjoyment.

The CR-1040 receiver was produced from 1979 to 1981 and features 80 watts per channel, an excellent FM tuner, and beautiful silver-faced look. The subtle backlighting and stylish meters elevate the 1040 from lower models.  The extra power means the amp can power more challenging speakers with authority and retain that signature Natural Sound.

This unit has been tested and cleaned by our in-house tech with a clean bill of health.  It sounds excellent.  The LED light conversion gives a cool ghostly hum.  The casework is near perfect. You will not be disappointed!

Demos are available at our Lawrence, MA showroom.  

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