Yamaha M-80 POWER (!) Amplifier - SOLD

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The Yamaha M-80 is somewhat of an underdog in the vintage power amp realm.  With it's quintessential "Totally 80s" look, it can easily be mistaken for a run-of-the-mill rack system amplifier.  But this piece of gear is anything but! With a whopping 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms, this amp can power even the most demanding speakers.  Complex crossovers, magnetic-planar, electrostatic...You name it, this amp can power it.   And it does so with a very low noise floor and excellent dynamics.  So much power on tap!

This unit has been fully serviced and re-lamped by our in-house tech.  All outputs have been checked and verified.  Able to power up to 3 pair of 8 ohm speakers, the M-80 is as versatile as it is beastly.  These units usually sell in the 800-900 range.  Given some physical anomalies: scratches in the finish, here and there, we have this unit priced to sell quickly. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

$399 (plus applicable shipping and sales tax)