Yamaha M-85 Natural Sound Power Amplifier - Rare Powerhouse

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The M-85 is Yamaha’s finest Natural Sound power amplifier, offering massive output power and extreme reproduction purity for the discriminating audiophile. It delivers an astounding 250 watts of power per channel into an 8 ohm load with a mere 0.003% THD. In short, the M-85 offers power to suit any listening requirement. Further, Auto Class A Power and Zero Distortion Rule circuitry make this one of the cleanest sounding amplifiers available. Regardless of the type of music you enjoy – rock, jazz, classical, or anything in between – the M-85 responds with dynamic power on demand, making the most of today’s dynamic audio sources. It is capable of driving up to three speaker pairs independently, simultaneously, or in any combination of two. You’ll appreciate its heavy-duty speaker connection terminals, wide-range LED peak power level meters, meter display load selector, meter Peak Hold and Range selectors, and full overload protection circuitry. The M-85 is an outstanding achievement in power amplifier design.

Here is a super clean M-85 that totally brings the thunder! Just a quick note of caution: this amp gets hot in Class A mode and needs to be properly ventilated. Best to NOT enclose this piece in a closed cabinet of any kind. Not sure why anyone would as the iconic 70s Yamaha fire-red LEDs are breathtaking and operate perfectly. This is MORE than enough amp to handle the toughest of speaker loads. Mated now with the big Thiels and WOW, what a match!

Been gone through extensively here by our expert in-house master tech and is now performing to spec. Ready to play HARD for the next 20yrs. Solid 8+/9 condition with only the slightest signs of wear. 

Come have a listen to this rare Yamaha powerhouse here at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence her on our site.

Yamaha, Natural Sound M-85 Stereo Power Amplifier: $1,099 + taxes where applicable