Classic Yamaha, NS-1000M w/Sunburst "Les Paul" Custom Paint Job... AMAZING!

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The Yamaha NS-1000 was designed and released to the market in 1974. They received very good reviews in British/US HiFi press in the late 70s. There were two versions of these speakers. The one referred to as “NS-1000” was designed with domestic market in mind and had enclosures made of solid wood, which gave each speaker a modest weight of 85lbs! The “NS-1000M” was designed with studio use in mind and I can only assume that that M stands for monitor. These monitors featured exactly the same components as the domestic version but had the enclosures made from chipboard with plywood bracing, giving them equally impressive weight of 80lbs per/speaker. Design of both versions, even by today’s standards is outstanding. Both tweeter and midrange drivers feature extremely rigid beryllium domes. The bass is as 12in compressed paper pulp cone working in heavily dampen sealed enclosure.

Visually, providing that the enclosures are in good condition, (and these are spectacular) we feel these speakers look very attractive. Silver baskets contrasting with matt black enclosures look a little 80s but I still like it. Yamaha NS-1000M are by far the best build vintage speakers that we have ever seen.

The enclosure’s walls are made of 25-30mm chipboard, veneered on both sides. Internal bracing is made of 30mm thick plywood. All the joints are supported with triangular pieces of solid wood. The circle waste created by cutting out the hole for the bass driver was re-used and glued to the back wall of the enclosure (very good thinking!). All inner walls are covered with 1cm thick felt and the inner of the enclosures is filled in with fibber glass damping material. Another impressive thing about these speakers are the state of the art drivers. Usage of exotic materials such as beryllium for tweeter and midrange domes is one thing, but quality of how these drivers are made is another. The drivers look very neat, especially when you compare them with typical gear from the same era. The thing that stands out the most is the size of the magnets on the midrange drivers – they are just huge! Speakers are also equipped with two attenuators (L-Pads) that allow control of treble and midrange levels. Many people see them these days as a bad thing to have. I personally like them, especially considering how well these are made. All of the features we've spoken about here make the enclosures extremely rigid and very very heavy. The Yamaha NS-1000 M are very impressive speakers without question.

So here we have an outstanding example that have been customized to match the previous owners favorite Gibson, Les Paul guitar. The paint is terrific condition and shows only the slightest signs of regular use. Really a unique set and are visually stunning. Have been gone through front to back by out in-house expert speaker tech and they are ready to rock for the next 25yrs... so extra!

Pretty certain the 1st person that comes through the shop looking for something special will be leaving with these. Too great to pass on. Come give these Yammies a twirl, you'll be glad you did.

Yamaha, NS-1000M w/Custom Red Wine Candy Sunburst paint job: $1899 + taxes and shipping

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