Yamaha NS-30T, "Natural Sound" Bookshelf Speaker

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The Yamaha NS-30T was introduced in 1982 as an affordable alternative to its big brothers, the NS-40T and NS-50T.  All of the speakers in this lineup were two-way monitors, very similar in design to the famous NS-10M near field monitors that are still used in hundreds of recording studios around the world today.  The xxT series all featured a titanium coated polymer dome tweeter, and woofer made from spruce pulp.  The combination adhered to Yamaha's "Natural Sound" mantra from the time.  

The NS-30T features an 8" pulp cone woofer and 1" tweeter in a rigid, sealed enclosure, wrapped in a simulated woodgrain veneer.  This set are in particularly nice condition with only a few very minor snags to the grille fabric which are hardly noticeable in person. Drivers are all in excellent physical condition. 

These speakers have a very smooth, uncolored sound.  They won't hit some of the lowest notes, but midrange clarity and presence in the room is what you would expect from a speaker designed from one of the best studio monitors ever made. They are very easy to drive and of course sound best when accompanied by a Yamaha Natural Sound receiver...!

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA.

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