Yamaha PX-3... Analog from The Dark Side

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Imagine it's 1980 and you just stepped out of your local AMC having watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back... for the third time.  As you step outside for the first time in 6 hours, your eyes adjust to see a Peaches or Sam Goody record chain across the street, and you think, "I need that soundtrack."  So you muster up as much of The Force as you can and grab the LP with Darth Vader's mug on the front cover, and imagine all of your hifi belongings are crafted from the same aesthetic forge as the Millennium Falcon. 

Fast forward to today, the post-apocalytpic, interstellar look and feel of the Star Wars era still calls to you.  You pull that classic soundtrack out of its sleeve for the first time in forty years and remember that you need a turntable.  But not any turntable, one with that same attitude...A turntable from the Dark Side. 

The Yamaha PX-3 answers the call.  This turntable has all of the heft, sharp edges, and sloopy lines of a TIE Fighter; and like a TIE Fighter's assassin pilot, this table has one job...Play records perfectly. The PX-3 does just that.  The linear tracking tonearm is intelligently controlled through a series of motors, sensors and contact switches which carry the arm across the record in perfect sync with every groove via a thick rubber conveyor belt.  Tipped with a Grado moving magnet cartridge, the sonic character of this combo is top-notch.  

The slow and controlled movement of the entire mechanism, the feel of the buttons, and the look of the thick, brushed aluminum platter against the battleship grey cast aluminum plinth is just perfect.  Even if you are not a huge SW fanboy, this table delivers the goods, and might just turn you into one. 

Come get this beautiful example at our shop in Lawrence, MA.

$799 (plus applicable sales tax because The Empire needs their cut too)

* Note, shipping is not possible with this table.  The mechanism is too delicate to risk damage. Local sale only.