Yamaha, YP-D8 fitted with Audio Technica/Signet TK7e MM Cart

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"Yamaha takes special pride in their direct drive system which insures quiet, precise drive of the Yamaha YP-D8 heavyweight turntable by means of a powerful DC Hall motor".
- Yamaha Electronics Archive 

This product is the results of Yamaha's tremendous resources in turntable technology; photoelectric detection for the auto stop function, a high sensitivity, S-type static balance tonearm, heavyweight turntable platter and a cabinet in which resonances have been suppressed.


Drive system: direct drive

Motor: 12-pole, 24-slots DC Hall motor

Servo control: FG servo control

Platter: 315mm die-cast aluminium, 2.7kg (including mat)

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Signal to noise ratio: 70dB

Wow and flutter: 0.03% WRMS

Arm type: S-shaped static balance

Effective length: 232mm

Overhang: 16mm

Cartridge weight: 2 to 15g (9 to 23g with sub weights)

Dimensions: 470 x 163 x 378mm

Weight: 15kg

This incredible Yamaha, (Auto Lift) TT is an extraordinary example of what the LP hi-end was like in the late 70s. Real wood veneer typical of "better" tables of its era. Comes complete with Audio Technica/Signet, TK7e ($225 value) also in excellent condition. This table & cart combo performs flawlessly and is an excellent pairing. Table has been fully adjusted, tone arm and cart mated and balanced. Two small cracks on the dust cover hinge area are pretty much undetectable at first glance. Other normal wear for a 40+ year old deck but still in a conservatively rated 9 condition. Just an amazing table.

Come demo this outstanding Yamaha YD-P8 at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via this website. Note: there is NO shipping on this table.

Yamaha, YP-D8, auto-lift DD Turntable: $1299.00