Yamaha YP-D8, Auto-Lift TT w/Grace, F9 MM Cart - SOLD

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"Yamaha takes special pride in their direct drive system which insures quiet, precise drive of the Yamaha YP-D8 heavyweight turntable by means of a powerful DC Hall motor".
- Yamaha Electronics Archive 

This product is the results of Yamaha's tremendous resources in turntable technology; photoelectric detection for the auto stop function, a high sensitivity, S-type static balance tonearm, heavyweight turntable platter and a cabinet in which resonances have been suppressed.


Drive system: direct drive

Motor: 12-pole, 24-slots DC Hall motor

Servo control: FG servo control

Platter: 315mm die-cast aluminium, 2.7kg (including mat)

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Signal to noise ratio: 70dB

Wow and flutter: 0.03% WRMS

Arm type: S-shaped static balance

Effective length: 232mm

Overhang: 16mm

Cartridge weight: 2 to 15g (9 to 23g with sub weights)

Dimensions: 470 x 163 x 378mm

Weight: 15kg

This incredible Yamaha, (Auto Lift) TT is an extraordinary example of what the LP hi-end was like in the late 70s. Real wood veneer typical of "better" tables of its era. Comes complete with a Grace, F9 MM cart; this is a SERIOUS high-output cartridge and a $500 value. This table & cart combo performs flawlessly and is an excellent pairing. Table has been fully adjusted, tone arm and cart mated and balanced. Table is in an astounding 9+ condition. Cover is clear & clean, all weights and accompanying hardware like it was new fresh from the box. Just an amazing vintage Yamaha. 

Come demo this outstanding Yamaha YD-P8 at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via this website. Note: comes complete with original box and all packaging so,... we MIGHT consider shipping. Contact us to discuss. 

Yamaha, YP-D8, auto-lift DD Turntable with Grace, F9 MM cart: $1199.00