Yamaha YP-D6 Turntable w/Ortofon "Red" Cartridge - SOLD

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The Yamaha, YP-D6 is a 2 speed (33/45rpm), direct drive auto-return turntable, pitch adjustable (according to its platter strobe system) of the highest quality; the auto-return feature being of particular interest.

Yamaha was building high-end TTs in the 70s and the YP-D6 is a solid performer more than capable of holding its own agains similar Thorens, Luxman, Technics and Micro Seiki tables of the same era and at the same initial price point 

Comes complete with onboard 45 adapter fo those singles with a BIG hole! A super clean dust cover showing very little wear and a mounted/balanced Ortofon, "Red" cartridge... a $100 value!

Table has been gone through and fully checked in-house and plays magically. Just a fantastic table that operates as it should.

Come have a look at this Yamaha, TT at our Lawrence shop of buy with confidence via this website.

Yamaha, YP-D6, vintage ('77) turntable in EXCELLENT condition w/Ortofon "Red" Cart: $529 + applicable sales tax