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So there are a lotta reasons to love YBA Electronics and specifically so their Power Amplifiers. Chief designer and YBA founder, Yves Bernard Andre', has been at the wheel since 1971. His motto and philosophy has always been to create "the elegance of simplicity". His creations are coveted worldwide and for great reason. The following technical points explain why they make YBA amplifiers just plain sound better:

1: Primary and secondary windings are separated to avoid the negative effects of AC power on the power supply of the circuit.

2. The isolation between primary and secondary windings is high enough to create an AC line filter.

3. The wires in the windings are grain oriented iron which is selected to maximize conductivity.

4. The metal is impregnated with a special varnish that eliminates air pockets and thereby helps make the transformer be as quiet as possible

5. The voltage of a double C transformer drops off slowly like a vacuum tube amplifier, unlike a toroidal design which has sharp cutoff point. This attribute of a double C transformer becomes a source of energy to feed the amplifier's current needs.

This YBA puts out a rich and impactful 50 watts per/channel of high current class A/B power. That's enough to effortlessly drive even the toughest loads. Make no mistake, this is a EXCELLENT power package. Totally updated (new high end same value caps) and now tests exactly to spec. We have it paired with a Spectral, DCM5 Linestage and this pairing, from the incredible Richard K collection, is just amazing. Richard totally "gets it" and inherently knows what componants go naturally togther. Had this powering is Spendor, LS3/5a and I can honestly say it was among the best setups of that type I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. Totally an amazing trio! Solid 8 in appearance with the usual signs of light wear and an incredible 10+ in performance. 

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YBA, 3 Power Amplifier: $829 plus sales tax and shipping when applicable.