ZEROZONE PRT05A, L5-12 Clone, Active Tube Preamp

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The world's best designs are often copied. This is true for any industry: software, autos, and consumer products.  The audio industry is also familiar with the trend of taking a tried-and-true design and repackaging it into a slightly different format with the fundamental design elements remaining largely unchanged.  

This tube preamp is a a prime example. Made by a Chinese company ZEROZONE and available as a "new kit" for $275 shipped from AliExpress.  This little 12AX7-based tube preamp is a direct copy of the Conrad Johnson L5-12 preamp.  At its core, the preamp is a relatively simplistic design. With only 1 input and 1 output.  The modular gain control and simple alum chassis finish off a completely unassuming look.  Only a small back-lit power switch notifies the user that the unit is on.  

BUT, how this little guy sounds is quite amazing. It's clean, smooth, and delivers an amazing soundstage and foundation for everything downstream of it.  This unit has been fully verified by our in-house specialists, and it's fully built!  Plug-and-play, this is a great deal for someone looking to get into tube preamps with minimal investment. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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