C368 Integrated Amplifier w/DAC and BluOS

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NAD is one company that knows how to pack a LOT of functionality into small and affordable packages.  The C368 solid state integrated amplifier is one example.  The 368 is a top-performing mid-weight amplifier touting 80 watts per channel using NAD’s patented “PowerDrive” loading. This amp will power most speakers extremely well and with NAD's signature clarity.  PowerDrive is a unique feature that allows for asymmetrical demand on the amplifier, which can react within nano-seconds to deliver output to each channel exactly when it’s needed.  

The C368 includes an on-board DAC for digital signals, and MM phono stage for vinyl playback, and an optional internal "MDC" BluOS card which will allow the unit to link seamlessly with the Bluesound environment.  Two additional analog inputs, and two configurable Pre-Out/Subwoofer outputs, coupled with two selectable speaker outputs add even more flexibility to this wonderful piece.