JBL L212, 3-piece Full Range System

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JBL, or James B. Lansing Sound, Inc., is one of the most storied and prolific audio manufacturers in the world.  Founded in 1946, JBL revolutionized how consumer audio products were designed, produced, and marketed.  

The sound produced by some of these early home systems is unlike anything else on the market today.  JBL's drivers produce highly-efficient, impactful, and rich sound with a characteristic JBL signature.  The compression drivers reproduce vocals and instruments with authority, but without harshness.  

The JBL L212 system home speaker system was available in the early 1970s.  It features a beautifully engineered 3-way set of towers, each with an 8” high efficiency mid-woofer, 4” high efficiency cone midrange, and 1” coated silk dome tweeter…. All drivers featuring AlNiCo magnets for extremely smooth frequency response and impedance curves.  The towers’ cabinets are treated in a combination of painted finish and walnut veneered cabinets, with sloped risers that are integral to the design at every level.  The top sections are wrapped in cloth screens with acoustic damping properties.  

The bass unit features a low-range 12” reinforced paper pulp woofer with a powered 75 watt on-board amplifier and crossover. The bass unit, also called the “Bass Exciter” provides even, low-end reproduction from 70Hz to ultra sonic frequencies. It’s not like a modern “thumpy” subwoofer.   The output blends seamlessly with the towers and provides just the right amount of low-end presence for true audiophile response.

These speakers are stunning examples from the time.  The speakers are as much about the look as the sound, but the sound is extraordinary.  The cloth covers have been rebuilt. The woofer and mid-woofer foam surrounds have been replaced. They are ready for another 45 years of service. 

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA.  

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