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The Musical Fidelity A3.5 is a dual mono amplifier with a single very large toroidal transformer. Power is listed as 240w per channel at 4ohm which is enough to drive the toughest of loads without running out of steam... its always hard to put forward sound descriptions of SS amps into words but I would say the amp has clarity, control, and adds merely to overall enjoyment of music.

The unit was unveiled in '05 and this unit is in untouched one owner condition. Our in-house expert tech popped the top cover and the internals looked super clean with very little dust. The caps also show no sign of degradation. He's now been all up in it and the MF is ready to play beautifully for Its next owner. had a couple warts but nothing serious and nothing that would impact its glorious performance. 

No remote comes with the amp and that's reflected in the asking price. There are a number of aftermarket remotes available and you may get lucky and come up with an OG one online.

Power Output is 150 Watts per/chan into 8ohms & 240 Watts per/chan into 4 ohms - Just a great power package!

Come demo this fine MF Integrated here at the shop or buy with confidence here on this site.

Musical Fidelity, A3.5 Integrated Amp: $649.00 plus sales tax and shipping when applicable