NAD 4225, 1240, 2200 3-Piece Power Combo!

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NAD (New Audio Dimensions) has been producing amazing quality audio components for over 40 years.  Founded by Dr. Martin Borish in 1972, one of the company's first product major success was the Model 3020 receiver.  NAD utilized a patented "Power Envelope" design to essentially store energy in a bank of capacitors which could then be fed into the output signal when needed for peak power transients.  This allowed the transistor compliment to utilize highly sensitive, high fidelity components, with modest RMS power ratings, but still power some very demanding speakers.

About 10 years into the company, the Power Envelope separates became one of the company's best sellers for years.  The 4225 tuner, 1240 preamp and 2200 power amp combo here are perfect examples of a system that works tremendously well together, has excellent functionality, and excellent drive for most speakers available then, or even now. 

The 1240 preamp was made between 1987 and 1989 and features Tape loops, aux and tuner inputs, a brilliant phono stage with both MM and MC selectability, and extremely low total harmonic distortion.  The preamp is transparent in sound, and links seamlessly with the 2200 power amp via either the "Normal" or "Lab" outputs.  The Lab connection allows the preamp to output at a higher voltage than normal, something that the amp was designed to handle, resulting in even more headroom and enhanced dynamics over the standard connection.   And then not to forget clear and clean FM broadcasts, the 4225 tuner completes the set, and the look, to perfection. 

This set has been completely cleaned and serviced by our in-house tech and ready for many more years of use.  

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA 

$699 takes this great setup home! (plus applicable sales tax or shipping)