NEAT (Onkyo Denki Ltd.) NJ-811 4-speed Turntable, Neat!

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There's rare, and then there's almost non-existent.  We would classify this turntable in the latter category. This NEAT Onkyo Denki Ltd. NJ-811 a four-speed broadcast turntable that looks and works like nothing we've ever seen here.  The teak-wood wrapped enclosure is large, like a broadcast turntable should be, from an era when a turntable was the centerpiece of every living room. The extra-large and deep plinth accommodates a massive 4-pole A/C motor which is surrounded by a small army of gears and pulleys that operate all four speeds of this beauty.  

The tonearm is also a NEAT, GA-18 (Ty Vlad) design, with its (very different) square gimbal, lightweight arm, and original headshell.  The dense cast aluminum platter spins true and speed is extremely accurate...Right on the money. 

This example has been set up with a Shure RS6E moving magnet cartridge from the same era with a ton of life left on the stylus.  Our in-house turntable specialist has made every adjustment needed, rebuild the original motor, and resurface the idler wheel rubber to ensure proper speed and functionality.  A true gem!

One would be hard-pressed to find a turntable that can turn heads as much as this piece.  The whole package works so well together, functionally and visually; and it sounds fantastic, fun... neat!

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

$899 (plus applicable MA sales tax)

** Note, due to the age and fragile nature of this unit, it cannot be shipped. Please enquire about other potential delivery methods, or come in person and take it home!