Pioneer SA-900 & TX-900 Combo Deal!

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Excellent quality sound doesn't always have to come from crazy expensive or complicated equipment.  This Pioneer combination is one such example. Dating back all the way to 1970, this was one of Pioneer's highest powered solid state offerings during that time.  At 50 watts per channel, using FET output stages, with less than 0.3% Total harmonic distortion, the SA-900 was a joy to use and listen to.  And still is to this day!

The SA-900 is packed with great features and has a front panel layout that is easy to read and use.  The Bass and Treble controls are split left and right to allow for quick and easy changes depending on room acoustics or reflections. Speaker selection is handled by a beefy turn dial for Speakers A or B. The unit also features a -20dB muting switch in case you get an important phone call during your Eagles listening sesh. 

With two phono inputs, one with adjustable MM or MC cart loading, and three line level inputs, plus a tape loop, the SA-900 becomes a real audio control center. 

The TX-900 companion tuner is no slouch either, and the pair were meant to be together (even being pictured together in their respective brochures). The TX-900 is also a FET powered piece which was considered to have "professional quality" reception in its day.  The low-noise, high-sensitivity tuner is great at pulling stations in and doesn't drift or wander. 

Get these two pieces together and start an amazing vintage analog journey!

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

$499 for the pair, would prefer not to separate.