RME ADI-2fs DAC... Incredible Performer

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So here we have a killer RME ADI-2fs DAC/headphone amplifier. Its an unassuming little component that will sit distinctively in anyone's rack or desktop. The new retail cost is US $1,299 and is a current RME model available at lots of online and in-store shops. The ADI-2 looks very nice in black with a bright, super responsive display (doesn't come out as well in my pics - too much sun in our shop). 

The display is highly informative which I appreciate. I like to know what my settings are, sample rate, volume, etc. at a glance and they are all here and then some. Soft white LEDs surround the power button, the main rotary controller and backlight for the switches. A nice reassuring set of relays click on power on. A compact 12 volt, 2 amp power supply with a clever locking mechanism comes with the unit. As does a remote control.

The RME product is made in Germany and its tutonic fit and finish is decidedly so. Support is superb and the company makes frequent updates to the unit through firmware updates. Overall, this is a beautiful DAC with extensive feature list. The RME ADI-2 FS V2 improves on the first generation design in lowering distortion levels. The slick look and huge feature list is a major add-on which doesn't exist in DAC-only products. Headphone amplifier is very powerful and is able to drive most headphones with authority and high fidelity. No records have been broken on the performance though. Its combination of features and performance leans in to give the RME ADI-2 FS DAC V2 our strongest recommendation.

If you need to deep dive on this DAC there are literally 100s of positive reviews. Get this one at a $400 savings over new in the box. This unit is in excellent condition and performs like a champ.

RME, ADI 2fs DAC & Headphone Amp: $899 + sales tax and shipping when applicable