Technics SL-110A, Reference Turntable

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In the late 60’s Japanese electronics giant Panasonic/Matsushita essentially invented the Direct Drive mode turntable - The idea that a carefully controlled motor could spin the platter without the benefit of a belt or idler wheel. The 1970’s consumer grade turntables that followed would be sold under the brand name Technics.  The products were a hhit with audiophiles due to the precise nature of the table's movement, and removal of troublesome wear items.  Another unanticipated attraction was that the burgeoning club DJ movement realized artists could move a record back and forth in real-time without breaking a belt or damaging a motor. The legendary Technics SL-1100 and SL-1200 decks became a cornerstone of hip hop and an industry standard that arguably has yet to be surpassed decades later.

A few years into the release of the first SLs, Technics unveiled a few slightly more affordable options, the SL-110 and SL-110A. These tables carried over the same heft and durability of the originals, but with a slightly more refined design and the ability for owners to swap arm boards more readily, to allow for more specialized tonearm fitment.  

The example we have here is a perfect one to illustrate some of these features. The arm board was prepped for an Audio Technica AT-1009 S-type tonearm.  One of AT's more reliable and true vintage arms, it's a perfect match for this table.  An Ortofon VMS20E moving magnet cartridge finishes the whole setup off in style and with clarity and accuracy.  

This table is built SOLID and works extremely well.  All functions have been reviewed and confirmed by our tech. The motor control mechanism has been serviced and speed set to a perfect 33.33 or 45.00 RPM with the flick of a switch. 

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA.  Scratching sessions may be limited...

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