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Herman Hosmer Scott founded the H. H. Scott company in 1947 in Maynard, MA.  The company was a leading manufacturer of tube radio components for nearly 30 years before the solid state age took hold of the market.  The company innovated the first FM multiplexer circuit for stereo FM radio broadcasts.  In 1972 the company was purchased out of bankruptcy by EAD, and shifted gears toward more modern equipment. 

The R-376 stereo receiver was developed available from 1976-1977 and focused on excellent FM reception, solid and reliable power output, and a "no-frills" aesthetic. The clean and simple silver face front end belies a stout 75 watts per channel power output. The output stage is also very stable, able to power speaker loads from 4-16 ohms without issue, which was something many of its competitors could not claim for several years.  

This unit works perfectly.  It has been cleaned and serviced by our tech. All bulbs replaced.  Any caps that needed to be replaced, were.  No disappointments!  Demos are welcome!

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