Heathkit AR-1650 Rare, Vintage Mega-Receiver!

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Heathkit developed electronics equipment of all varieties for an entire generation.  Literally tens of thousands of kids, and grown-kids, around the globe built and adored their Heathkit creations.  Some of the most popular were their audio components, from tube amps and tuners to speaker kits, Heathkit provided a unique outlet for enthusiasts and helped spread the love of audio for many decades. 

The Heathkit AR-1650 had to have been one of their most complicated designs.  To think that the company trusted DIY 12-year olds to assemble this 125+ watt per channel full-featured beast of a receiver in their parents' basement, is astonishing.  We don't know exactly who was responsible for this build, but we have to commend them on it.  This AR-1650 was put together extremely well, with only a few minor tweaks and adjustments needed by our trusted tech, Tom B. 

The receiver is physically large, and very heavy.  It's prominent design starts with the black anodized aluminum front panel, highlighted by silver anodized knobs and switches...In the finest 1970s vintage receiver tradition.  But there's one unfamiliar element on the face of the 1650...The bright green LED radio frequency display.  That puts this unit smack in between the analog and digital tuning transition.  Although the display is digital, the 5-gang tuner itself is completely analog.  Add on a host of inputs and outputs, big meters, and walnut case, and this Heathkit could be the most unique receiver we have seen at the shop.

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA.

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* Note, this receiver weighs about 55 lbs, so shipping will not be cheap!