Holmes Acoustics Model 200, Rare New England Vintage - SOLD

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If you hadn't heard of Holmes Acoustics then you aren't alone!  We hadn't either!  Really not much is known about this company, nor its speaker lines.  But what we have here is a bonafide pair of Holmes Acoustics Model 200, 2-way "large bookshelf" loudspeakers.  Designed and built right around the corner from KLH and Acoustic Research on Thorndike Street in Cambridge, MA, these speakers exemplify early New England speaker design. 

The speakers feature a 10" paper pulp woofer with a very large magnet structure, and a Audax 1" cloth dome tweeter.  The 2nd order 2-way crossover is simplistic and effective.  Similar in stature and sound to a set of Cizek Model 1 or Original Advent, the speakers have very pleasing highs and throaty low-end.  The sealed enclosure is built extremely well, with copious internal bracing.  And to add to the fun, Holmes epoxied two bricks inside each walnut-veneered cabinet to deaden the panels.  Yes, bricks....Like for a library. 

The result is really excellent sound. 

If you want that traditional New England vibe, but want to be different from your neighbors, these are the speakers for you!

Demos are highly encouraged here in Lawrence.  Because, you likely won't be able to hear or see these speakers anywhere else!

$249 (plus applicable sales tax)

* Note, due to the weight of each speaker, they cannot be shipped *

* Also note, Lovan stands shown in the photos are not part of the sale *