Infinity Reference 2000.5, Compact Floorstanders

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The Infinity Reference 2000.5 was introduced in 1998 as part of a line of home-theater-friendly loudspeakers.  The Reference line included 1.1" coated silk dome tweeters and polypropylene cone woofers for stiffness and speed. The woofers also included Infinity's new LeNear Motor Technology, or "LMT," which were designed with an extra-long voice coil and gap to allow for more linear motor travel.  The voice coil gap was also filled with heat-dissipating magnetic fluid to allow for greater power handling. 

Despite its compact size, the 2000.5 provides room-filling sound and an excellent overall presence.  The compact 6" mid-woofer is loaded in a large, ported cabinet for a -3dB response down to 38 Hz.  And with a 91 dB sensitivity, these speakers can get plenty loud with even moderate power.  This set is in great physical condition with only a few minor signs of wear.  Ready to produce beautiful music for many years to come. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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