KEF Reference 105/3, The First "Uni-Q" Generation

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The KEF Reference series speakers have set many standards, and received hundreds of awards and accolades from reviewers and owners worldwide.  KEF (Kent Engineering & Foundry) was formed 60 years ago by Raymond Cooke in Maidstone, Kent, UK.  In 1966, KEF developed a new line of drivers for use in the burgeoning broadcast business spearheaded by the BBC.  KEF's stamp on the BBC LS3/5A monitor, and the development of the first B110 composite cone driver, immediately established the company in the industry. 

Fast forward to the mid-1980s, nearly a decade after KEF's first in-house Reference line of speakers, and the Reference Model 104/2 was born. The design of this speaker was nothing like anything that preceded it.  The 104/2's heavily damped midrange "pod" enclosure produced midrange in an incredibly seamless and natural way.  

The follow-on development from the 104/2 was the 105/3 - The first model to use KEF's patented "Uni-Q" high frequency driver.  The Uni-Q embeds a 1" soft dome tweeter in the center of a B110 pod-like mid-bass in a very similar style to the 104/2.  The frameless driver retains a midrange purity all its own and the concentric nature of the tweeter means seamless imaging and no phase cancelation. 

The 105/3 then continues with two additional B110 frameless drivers in a d'Apolitto array, crossed over at a lower frequency to reduce comb filtering.  On the bottom end, the 105/3 features twin 8" paper cone woofers in a compound-4th-order bandpass enclosure, and physically coupled together with a thick extruded aluminum rod.  This design integrates seamlessly with the upper frequency "pod" and produces prodigious bass response with nearly zero audible distortion, flat down to 35 Hz, unassisted by outboard equalizers. 

This pair of 105/3 also feature dual rear binding posts to allow for bi-amping, and a gorgeous lovely black ash veneer finish that is still in very nice condition.  The internal woofer foams have all been replaced with new, and the grilles recovered in new high quality cloth. 

Demos are highly encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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