Marantz, TT-15S1 w/ ADC, XLM MKII Classic Moving Magnet Cart

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Analog recording is still very alive. Quality turntables are still in demand. Digital discs simply set new performance standards that turntables must meet. Many cherished records may never be issued on digital formats. Good turntables are now more important than ever. Marantz embraces an audiophile quality turntable with AC servo belt-drive and low-coloration tone arm to answer the need for a high performance source component for the analog record.

Low-Resonance High-Density Acrylic Chassis and Platter

A solid plinth belt-drive design (the preferred turntable drive system), the TT-15S1 features a chassis and platter made from dense glass cast PMMA acrylic composite that has inherent vibration and resonance deadening capabilities, which helps the TT-15S1 deliver an astonishing 80 dB signal to noise ratio.

Floating Motor Mount Construction

Equipped with a reference class anodized aluminum manual tonearm, the TT-15S1 comes with a top-class MM cartridge from Clearaudio and features a precision AC synchronous motor in a massive die-cast housing that thoroughly suppresses motor vibrations, delivering its smooth torque to the thick, heavy platter via a continuous loop (joint-less) silicon belt.

Asynchronous AC Motor

The anti-skating system features magnetic compensation instead of a weighted system, and features precision adjustment. The adjustable counterweight is continuously variable and has precise weight adjustment indication increments of 0.1g.

Solid Aluminum 3 points Support Feet

The turntable rests on 3 solid aluminum feet that are height adjustable, ensuring stability even on slightly irregular mounting surfaces.

High Quality MM Cartridge

This fine table has an ADC XLM MKII vintage MM cart that is/was arguably one on the finest high cimpliance Moving Magnet Carts of its time - basically NOS and it pairs incredibly well with this arm and table design.

So this is a superior plug and play analog package... the Marantz name is synonymous with HQ audio gear and this TT15 is no break from that fact. Its a fabulous player that will bring your vinyl rig Next Level!!

Come give this fine Marantz TT a "twirl" lol here at the shop. Note: this is a current Marantz model and sells for $1899 - SAVE HUNDREDS!

Marantz TT-15S1 w/ADC XLM MKII MM Cart: $1259 plus sales tax and shipping when applicable