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Even people who aren’t into hifi know Radio Shack, and anyone who knows Radio Shack knows the Realistic brand. In the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, Radio Shack/Realistic/Optimus gear was competing head-to-head with the Pioneers and Sansuis of the world.  

The Realistic STA-2000 receiver was RS’s “monster” in 1977, sporting 75 watts per channel of solid state power and the same whiz-bang features offered by those mainstream brands for 2/3 the price.

These pieces look and perform very admirably.  Power delivery is clean and consistent, and the receiver sounds great with vintage speakers of the time… Large Advents, ARs, or JBL L100s come to mind. The tuner pulls in stations very well. 

This unit has been fully serviced and cleaned. It sounds great!  All the lights give the listener a neat and clean display.  And the price is just right. If you’ve ever wanted a higher powered “silver face” on a budget, this is it! 

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