Thorens TD-145 "Custom Vinyl Nirvana Build" - The Best of the Best - SOLD

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For years turntable manufactures have been seeking the faultless tonearm system that would eliminate stylus damage and protect records. Thorens with its long tradition of advanced engineering and state-of-the-art technology, has achieved this breakthrough in the new TD-145. Its completely unique and innovative electronic sensing system automatically lifts the tonearm and shuts off power to prewent any mishaps.

Totally electronic, rather than machanical, as are most automatic lift-up/shouoff systems, nothing inhibits the tonearm or comes between it and the trip mechanism. As the tonearm approaches the final lead-out grooves of the record, a control signal activates a viscous damped elevating platform that lifts the tonearm and shuts off th epower. Further, the sensing system goes into action instantly should the power be inadvertently cutoff or if the tonearm accidentally slides across the record. It's virtually foolproof.

The new sophisticated Thorens TD-145 turntable comes complete with a wide range of advanced features which it has in common with Thorens' top of the line TD-125 Mark II series: magnetic anti-skate control with the highly acclaimed TP-16 gimbal suspension tonearm; a high torque, slow speed, belt-driven 16-pole synchronous motor; dynamically balanced, seven pound, 12-inch non-magnetic die cast platter; front panel precision cueing control; split-level suspension system that reduces rumbl, acoustic feedback and vibrations.

The TD-145 C is still another reason why Thorens is the 1st name in turntable and the last word in precision performance. The TD-145 is the perfect choice for the audiophile seeking the precision of a manual turntable combined with semi-automatic features.

So now let's talk about THIS particular 145. It's been 100% totally restored, upgraded and essentially rebuilt to a higher standard by Vinyl Nirvana, the unrivaled champion of vintage Thorens TT expertise & construction. There is no one better and this piece is FLAWLESS. Has a new solid walnut plinth/upgraded feet, all new Cardas silver wiring all solder joints redone, Hudson Cork platter matt, new double weight lift off cover (quality is unmatched) and comes complete with a mounted and balanced Shure, V-15  Type IV. Guys & Gals, this is THE ONE. Want to complete that vintage rig you've been painstakingly putting togther. Let this piece be the center of your analog end. 1st person who comes in and plays this table is leaving with it. I told you about the beautiful Dahlquist, DQ-10 from 2 days again, they sold in 4hrs. This table will go the same route.

Can demo this incredibly piece of audio artistry here at the shop or purchase with confidence via this website. We would prefer NOT to ship this piece so hoping for a local buyer. If it MUST be shipped, call us 1st and let's talk.

Thorens, TD-145 by Vinyl Nirvana complete with Shure V-15 Type IV: $1259 + applicable sales tax